C.K. "I'm glad to hear my father went to the coffee gathering for the guys. You're doing a GREAT job organizing events and having helpful and appropriate services in place. I'm so grateful Staying Put is available to my parents- it makes me feel less concerned and worried about their situation."

Nancy B.: "Not only do Jane and Donna do a splendid job making Staying Put succeed in a practical and entertaining way for us to remain in our homes as long as possible, but the Board Members are also always involved, active and helpful. It's really quite awesome and we are very fortunate to be the beneficiaries of all their hard work which has made Staying Put such a needed and appreciated blessing."

Ada O.: "Staying Put has enabled me to remain in my home after 40 plus years instead of moving into an assisted living arrangement. I don't have to give up my garden, I don't have to give up my neighbors and I'll have my lovely walking area around me. Whether it's getting a ride to the pharmacy or changing a light bulb, it's a comforting relief to know that Jane and Donna will handle it. It's not all work and no play; I've also enjoyed some fun dinners and mini trips. Thanks for helping me Stay Put."

Peggy B.: "How lucky we are to have loving, caring people happy to help our families in every way. We have been very impressed with Staying Put's communications, follow-through and true interest."

Sherman B.: "Anything that makes New Canaan more friendly to its seniors we support whole heartedly."

Jim S.: "When Staying Put in New Canaan announced its opening, our retirement plans jelled almost immediately. Now we could continue to enjoy our home and friends of the last 40 years and not worry about joining a new retirement community. Since then, our experiences have been even better. Recently, when I had to go to the hospital for a couple of weeks, Staying Put managed for live-in services for my wife, and they maintained communication between all of us and helped us find local services we could no longer do ourselves. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to materialize your dreams and feel confident that you have capable help. Staying Put has made retirement so easy."

Ray I. "Thanks so much for all you've done for my mother. Staying Put has made a big difference in her life and mine."

Anne K.: "I love having someone take the bother out of making plans, getting tickets and driving to events and meeting new people in the process."

Judy S.: "I needed some major repairs done to my home. I got two quotes from contractors recommended by friends. Then I called Staying Put. I got three names recommended by members and thoroughly vetted. I was quoted almost the exact same price, and since I belong to Staying Put, I got a 10% discount. I am well satisfied with the job. All in all, I saved the equivalent of many years membership dues! A few of my friends tell me they don't need Staying Put now and they'll join later. They don't realize how many services Staying Put provides that they can use right now!"

Judy B.: "We used Servicemaster to clean our windows this fall after we had our house painted. They were prompt in showing up to give us an estimate and scheduled the cleaning within a week. They did a superb job inside and outside and were very careful in their treatment of our furniture and other household items that needed to be moved to access the windows. The workers were efficient and very pleasant. Most important - the price was less than we have paid before to have the windows done! Being Staying Put members gave us the benefit of a discount, so we saved money!"

Alice L.: "I had a wonderful plumber recommended by Staying Put. I had experienced a job half done by another plumber who never returned to finish it. So it was marvelous to find a nice, young and responsible plumber who not only fixed the leak, but also left the bathroom neater than before. All this plus a 10% discount."

Kay L.: "I encourage every senior in town to become a member of Staying Put in New Canaan because it is true: There is no place like home!"

Mary K.: "I love the comfort and availability of help when I need it, the social events, and the chance to volunteer."

Barbara G.: "I like the ease of getting names of trades people, knowing that they will be screened, reliable and good workers."

Muriel K.: "Staying Put has opened new doors in my life from meeting new people and hearing their life experiences."

Tish F.: "I enjoy keeping up with friends through planned events, and have peace of mind knowing a volunteer will drive me to the doctor."



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